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Best Dentists in Rock Hill, SC - Our Review of the Top 5 Dentists in Rock Hill

Oct 23

The Process: How do we arrive at this list? Top Dentists in the world list.

The list comes from the Rock Hill Dental database for 2022 made with peer reviews, and has lists of more than 33 specialists and dentists in Rock Hill. In order to create the list, Rock Hill Dental database surveyed specialists and dentists with a personal inquiry: "If you had a patient who needed an appointment with a dentist, which would you recommend him or him to?" The nomination pool included all dentists who are active on the internet by the American Dental Association as well as dental academies and societies. (Dentists may also nominate people who aren't listed on these lists.) Respondents were asked to think about their experience, ongoing education, interaction with patients, the use of new technologies and techniques, and the physical outcomes. When the answers were compiled and analyzed, dentists were compared against the state dental boards for disciplinary action to ensure they had current permits and that they were in good health. Many excellent dentists have not been included on this list. The inclusion of a dentist is dependent on the opinions of their colleagues.


Dental Specialties


Dental Anesthesiology 

Reduces anxiety and pain during oral surgery and other dental procedures with local and/or general anesthesia

The Endodontics procedure

Treats concerns related to nerves as well as the inner portion of the tooth. Root canals are an extremely common procedure.

General Dentistry

Performs regular dental hygiene and the basic maintenance of teeth, which includes cleanings and X-rays

Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery 

The procedure removes teeth that have been impacted (such in wisdom teeth) and performs reconstructive procedures for example, such as the reconstruction of broken jaws

Oral Pathology

Studies detect, diagnoses oral disorders and treats them which range from potentially cancerous leukoplakia to canker sores


Modifies your bite or coaxes your teeth to be in alignment with braces and other instruments

Pediatric Dentistry

 Offers preventive and therapeutic treatment for children.


 The specialty is the periodontium or supporting tooth structure. It also treats gum receding gums and gum disease.


 It deals with dentures as well as dental implants and bridges as well as complicated crown work.



1. Piedmont Dental, Dr. Areheart
1562 Constitution Blvd #101, Rock Hill, SC 29732
(803) 328-3886

Piedmont Dental is our pick for the best dentist in Rock Hill, SC. Their customer service exceeds expectations and the dental team is top notch. They are well known in York County and have a reputation for caring for their patients. If you need emergency dental work, tooth extraction, cavity filings, or cosmetic dentistry, Piedmont Dental is our #1 pick for dentist in Rock Hill, SC.

Advanced Periodonal Solutions

501 Cherry Rd, Suite 220, Rock Hill, SC 29732

We are a family-oriented dental clinic located in Denver. Denver dental specialist Eric Dale, of Advanced Periodontal Solutions has assisted many patients. His practice is a source of source of envy for Denver dentists. He offers preventive and basic dental care for the entire family. He uses precise and effective techniques for cleaning teeth ceramic veneers and cosmetic bonds or dental implants. Additionally, he offers services such as Sleep Apnea, Snap-On Smile treatment, periodontal treatments, and other.

Eric A. Dale


Dr. Jeff Johnston, DDS

4500 Cherry rd, Rock Hill, SC 29732

Dr. Jeff Johnston is a Denver dentist who created Ascent Dental Group. The group is comprised of a group of highly skilled dental health professionals who strive to provide individualized treatments for each patient. As dentists in Denver, he's accustomed to numerous dental health options, including cosmetic dentistry, dental implants teeth cleaning, denture implant and many more. Furthermore the services are provided at an affordable cost.

Dr. Jeff Johnston, DDS



Smile Teeth

1678 S Main St. Rock Hill, SC 29730


A top Rock hill health clinic, Happy Teeth strives to provide the best standard of dental treatment at a reasonable cost. Implants, extractions or teeth whitening in Denver the dental hygienist is always in waiting to provide the best orthodontic, pediatric, oral surgery as well as other dental treatments with its focus on care and preventive. While it's primarily intended for "teens and toddlers," adults are always welcomed too!